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Another super human to be proud of, my late Sisters Son he was seven when she passed. What a gentleman he become, along as a doting proud Father. The pride and joy our four children have bought us both along with two grandchildren, makes life so worth while.



Conkie, yep my sister and I where pregnant together, three days apart that’s how close we where, are.

This little man had it hard. A football lad that followed Man United like his Muma Angel. When she passed he never spoke for a couple of day, his foot continuously stuck to that football, with cheeky monkey following him around in case he crashed. 

After four years he went to live with his biological father and step mum. Broke our hearts, as I know my sister would want him growing up with his sister Bubba!!

He came to us fortnightly, but then it stopped by his step mum. Then he can back to life with us at 21 and gradually grew back into the family.

A closed book, that I’m sure will open up one day. Recently left to move in with his girlfriend as their expecting a baby, a baby boy. 

Conkie doing the right thing and making Muma Angel proud as so am I ❤️

First Born

First born, wow we’ve traveled. This little girl changed my life when she was born. At 23 I gave birth and I’ve never looked back.

Four and a half years together, six months in Australia, then we hit the road of one parent family. She changed my life from an angry young woman with issues to I hope, a mother on a mission. 

Funny, cleaver and beautiful (as all my girls). She use to eat the window frames and stair banisters. Somethings about wood she’d have to leave her teeth marks. Her thing was a silky and to this day still is. If we went out for the day and I’d forgotten it, I’d have to buy something with a silky label.

When Bubba was born she was 13, she’d come home from school shuck her school bag in to door and run over to my sister who lived opposite.  They where so close, well at the end of the day who wants to be like their Muma! She knew Bubba’s baby routine like no one else. Just as well as when my sister passed Bubbas was only 6 months old , first born took over and got so protective of Bubba. I believe it helped her. 

Being the eldest of the four, my biggest mistake was saying “yes” she so lost her way as a teenager. But now also a mother of Boo she too like I had found her making “being a mother” 

A strong, bubbly beautiful young spiritual lady. That make me a pound Muma ❤️ 


First borns Daughter and my first Grandchild. What a spirit, little hippy chick with a heart of gold. 

When first born was in labour in Southampton, the whole time she twiddled with her silky. Yep you’ve guessed it Boo too has s silky. 

At my home I don’t have many toys as she die sobered them, just my crystals. Last week she had a sleep over with me ” Nana Nick Nocks” laying in bed together watching a cartoon, I gently rested my hand on her, she just looked up and stared with those big eyes into mine. 

I moved my hand to another part of her body, she fine the same, stopped watching her cartoon and stared into my eyes. Boo knew I was giving her healing.

Proud Nana moment ❤️ 

Cheeky Monkey

Cheeky monkey, from birth. The first time I held her, her two middle fingers went straight in her mouth. The first time I had ever held a finger sucker.

as a baby the most content baby so happy sleeping. At the time we had an Japanese Akita. Massive dog like a bear. Jagger use to sit beside cheeky monkey, as she stored to awake Jagger would nip my clothing to pull me to cheeky monkey.

After loosing my Sister, she was no longer my youngest, as my sisters children where younger. Cheeky monkey bless her took it all in her stride sucking those two fingers taking it all in, but never as a child did I hear a peep from her.

Looking back it breaks my heart, she’d get into bed with me nearly every night, all eays checking in her way if everyone was okay. She’d follow conkie like a shadow

to the extent the teachers at school had to separate them, so they’re both mix with other children.

Checky monkey went off to uni where she grew from a child to a funny, loving beautiful young lady.

Too this day no man that enters my life will get her approval. Proud Muma ❤️



So out of three Daughters, we have had our last Prom. Well until the Grandchildren. Bubba looked beautiful a vibrant smile just like her Mumma a Angel (My Sister) it’s been a long hard road with these babies. And not of our own choice! Life does that sometimes, my I know we’re nearly there four fantastic kiddies between us. X

Bubba has natural intelligence in so many things, she loves art, languages, horses and motorbikes. Her aim is to travel the world.

As a toddler we use to have our afternoon naps on the sofa, curled up together. My older girls use to love doing Bubbas hair, every style you could think off.

Beautiful human that’s done so well and overcome her demands to become a beautiful strong spiritual young lady.

i know Muma Angel would be proud as am I ❤️