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My sisters and I Babies

Although seventeen years ago and now a grandchild each. I’m so so proud of these kiddios, they’ve experienced so much at this time, but all have come though with flying colours ❤️🙏🏽


The Beautiful Tamarind Village with its unique charm, in Chiangmai Thailand. Named after the Magnificent 200 year old Tamarind Tree


I stayed in this secret sanctuary, in the heart of Chiang Mai, the most charming, Intimate serene and relaxing place I’ve ever stayed. Fabrics and patterns drawn from various tribes of the region. Just a walk through to the historic Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

I was draw to this secret heaven as I was taking a holiday to Thailand, but wanted the culture of the real Thailand, as soon as I read the Tamarind Village was named after a 200 year old Tamarind Tree, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I’d fly back now if I had the funds. Should you ever travel to Chaing Mai I can not recommend Tamarind Village Enough

The Beginning

Where did their journey begin, Trees where here from the very beginning before man. The wiser species for they are carm and open to positive energies, they are our pathway to heaven our spirit connection they reach into the openess with arms wide open. Their roots run deep to the centre of the earth the connecting pathway for those that wish to share.

Take a look from a distance, look at a tree with wide eyes just like us they have an ora except the viberant colours that outline their lining is pure, no ego just vibrant loving energy. Stillness