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Oh my days

So I’ve started packing as I’ve completed contracts and need to vacate my home on the 12th December, I’ve done too much as I lay in my bed my mussels contracting and bones feel so brittle.

T is in spain and doing the usual, emailed me to say he’s found a villa and I shouldn’t be stubborn and give up on my dream. He then phoned a couple of hours later saying he’s not sure as the guy seems to be a bit of a plonker!! Says one to the other” next breath saying he has lots to sort out at home to do with the business financial problems VAT etc. I’ve never known someone to contradict them self so much.

I messaged and told him my plans as I can’t rely on him and due to pneumonia it wouldn’t be safe for me to go alone any more as I’d planned so I’m renting a room.

I lay her in my three bed shared ownership home in my dark bedroom again alone not knowing where I’m really going to end up, but for some reason I feel safe and protected. Maybe as I know the kiddies are all good.

Cheeky monkey has just climbed ares rock and now heading south, bubbas working like a horse, first born has a new man, Conkie has settled in to his new home. My job is done!


I feel

Free cos I’m not in a relationship 

Scared cos I’m not

Reached a crossroad I’m trying to isalate myself from

But through myself out the


Balance again, the word reappears 

Positive January 

Hello beautiful people, so so far I’ve cut out that horrid sugar, drinking more fused lemon water, meditated everyday, and feeling positive for it. 

I’m staying more in the here and now, I mean I have so many worries about selling my home due to disability, debt, daily pain. But seriously why worry about it!!! I’ve cut back my spending, eating to heal my body, there’s not a lot more I can do. I trust the universe. 

Every day I ask spirit for:




Stillness of the mind

Trust me it works, I even found my self asking for help the other day, I asked a gentleman if he could load my car boot with my shopping, saving me a little more spine pain. For me trust me that was a huge thing and do you know what! It sounded and felt good. A massive hurdle for me. Happy days 💛

Smart Arse 

Finding your own pleasure, I have found the pleasure of relaxing whilst healing from my last Op Rota Cuff and bone shaved. 

I can now just sit and relax and why shouldn’t I? Why waist time? I’m in a six week healing so letting go and relaxing is a positive of my healing. 

I’m okay, and let go of what I can not control and does not benefit me. So am I a smart Arse or maybe selfish? I don’t think so, it benefits me so it benefits the people I love around me. 

Letting go & exceptance there’s little we can do about our kids being lazy, to much traffic on the road, raining just except your life the way it is then you may start living your life, what’s outside is out side. 

Judge & critasisam is a waist, don’t judge or critasis yourself of others. We’re all unique, I mean I’m 5.1″ dyslexic, spiritual a healer, have disability but hay it is what it is. I’ve benefited from what I am. I love me, I love my children,  I love trees, I love people, I love everything livin, l love this world. I love being alive. 


Freedom from attachments 

When meaning go,s attachment leaves. But could you let go of the things you’ve made important in your life? 

Is it really that important to have a clean house! This was inbreaded as a child. I believe there’s a difference in being lazy and letting go….. Why worry and stress about a untidy house, it’s a unessasery worry when at the end of the day you know you can clean it when your ready. So don’t give your being worry and stress, let it go…… Sod it, relax there’s far more worse things happening in this world. Let’s count our blessings. 

Feel and appreciate the where and now, where you sit/stand look and see,  be blessed for the life you’ve been given. Life is good