Cheeky Monkey has gone to OZ

My middle daughter Cheeky monkey has flown off to Australia for a year, with her lovely boyfriend. They met at university five years ago, worked hard and saved.

I’ve just been updated that they’ve bought a camper called Betsy. They shall be heading to the Gold Coast.

A beautiful feeling that she’s grabbing life and living it. Happy Muma 

Count Down

Now with only four days to go until my cheeky monkey flys away to Australia for a year. At the same time as me emptying the loft as I need her strength, before selling the family home. 

We had a shopping day Saturday just gone, in fact seven hours. A few pit stops and cocktails of cause. Followed by a girls night with horror movies and wine.

I can feel cheeky monkeys anxious, well she’s heard all the terror stories about spiders. But it’s The traveling that’s really worrying her. From the age of fourteen she’s been pulled up by security, at the airport. I’ve tried to explain that it’s our faces lol but I know in my heart she will be fine.

Proud so very proud that she’s grabbing life!

Oh dear

Just as I come to terms and start enjoying single life boom. 

Bump in to a old friend and felt the equal attraction. Could this be down to my dream board I only made three weeks ago?

Both want the same thing in life, quite time in spain. Both been damaged by narstesses. Both hanged in the same place as teens. I believe because I have faith! 

This time two years ago 

How did it go so wrong? My first love at school, we meet up again at 51 and flew off to Goa for a month. My dream came true but went wrong a year later. 

Had he not lied and put his ex girlfriend before me 

Remembering we use to be able to sit in silence a whole night pure bliss. Neither of us felt uncomfortable by it. A piecefull relationship eighty present of the time.

Now a year on and after seeing a man that was not what he pertraid, I keep seeing my first love popping up everywhere, is the universe trying to tell me something? Shall I contact him? I’m selling my home this year due to my health, I know he rents one out around six miles away. I’ve thought about asking him if I could possible rent it from him and also think of the time we flew to Bulgaria to buy a run down property. With the dream of a log cabin and eco retreat. I still dream of this. 

Or is it because I’m thinking about him? But why?