Happyspirit Healing

My new journey, offering Reiki healing, guided Meditation & Holistic Pain Management once I’ve finished my study of Holistic Pain management. All the psychical pain I have felt for years and mental frustration has brought me here.

You see even negative things that step in to our life’s can have a positive outcome. Having given Reiki for many years but stopping due to spinal operations C6 C7 foraminitomies and ACDF on C4-5 C6-7 and a pile full of medication morphine, demazipan, diclofenic to name a few. Well I’ve had enough! I’ve taken control back of my body, mind & spirit.

I eat fresh foods, drink green tea, make protein smoothies, meditate on healing my body and of cause give myself Reiki healing and it’s working. Don’t get me wrong I still feel pain but the difference is I’m in control and not conventional medicines, who give one drug which gives another prognoses to another health problem, which you take more drugs and so the circle continues until you take control back.

This has given me my smile back and a new exciting journey, which makes Happyspirit Happy💋🙏


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