Cervical Spondilouses, DDD & Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia 

My journey with an invisable illness started seven years ago, with a twing.

The frustrating thing about it, had my Doctors and Surgeon told me what laid in front of me, there’s a thousand things I would of done.

2011 I had C6 C7 foraminitomies an operation from the back of the neck, to drill bone spurs. 2013 I had ACDF (anterior cervical discectomy & fusion) on C5-6 C6-7  with the hope of improvement. 2015 diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 

March 2014 I was listed disable, which admittedly I’ve had horrendous problems coming to terms with. Mainly because I’ve always been so physically and mentally strong or as my frinds say “independant stubborn bitch”.

Today I find out that the Osteoarthritis which causes the bone spurs has spred Down my spine and into right shoulder causing torn shoulder rotator cuff with sethered main ligament caused by “Yes” bone spurs.

My Holistic studying  and “Happyspirit Healing” keeps me focused and gives me faith. Along with my three Beautiful Daughters and Granddaughter.

Moto of the story, live in the presant and enjoy your journey.  XxX

PS sorry about the spelling, dislexic – but I make up with it with vision mwha x



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