Walking With Trees

Absolutely adore this photo, this is how I feel when I’m walking with trees. Passionate energy.


Time to fly back home 

Well what a emotional, empowering journey. Soul sisters carried in my heart. 

Last night after dancing we all went down to the village to celebrate and have a cocktail. I’ve adopted two more children one from Amsterdam and the other from sir Lanka. We had a little heart to heart and shared some stories. I then sat back and looked around me and decided to go as I was adamant I would be going to meditation at six am followed by singing bowl healing. So I left them all there and got to bed. 

I walked up in the dark to the platform for my last meditation and wow I managed to be in the here and now, just beautiful and when I opened my eyes to embrace the view the sun had risen. So pieceful, what a way to start your day. 

Heading back I sat for breckfast, pulled my bag down. Went in for my healing, jeez off I went. After silver (Our Shaman Teacher) said my blockages where all in my throats chakra!! Again further proof and also where all my phyicical pain comes from. I was told I’d benefit from a Lapis lazuli crystal necklace, lots of ginger and lemon and to meditate with om or hum mantra. 

After saying good by to my new soul family with a few tears I headed to the airport. I received a text from my ex asking if I wanted picking up from the airport, of cause I said yes as travelling is one hell of a challenge.

I slept in the plan with my neck collor on, once we landed I notesed people looking at me, it wasn’t the collie as at this point I had taken it off. I had no makeup on, I’m sure it was my energy. I kind lady offered to pull my case down, so off I went. As I walked through he was there waiting.

On the way home he offered lunch so I thought it was a good time to talk as we’re booked to fly to Spain next week to view apartments. As I sat I ordered black coffee large and a vegetarian meal! I was so zoned out with my expierance I wanted to stay there. So nothing was really said. He dropped me home but as I was walking in, he went to kiss me, I offered him my forehead.