This might sound crap but jeez I love my girls, four holidays down. Cheeky monkey loves the finer things in life, first born loves Both, but I feel more grounded in earth. Bubba not quite sure yet but all three have the old Hippy in them. Although cheeky monkey “I thought loved the finer things in life” is living in a camper now on #Australia  and my first born had been, (As is her baby now a Hippy chic” and Bubba now too. Maybe just maybe be my way of keeping them grounded in life. But shoot do I feel proud of everyone of them. But now Conkie (how) I think of my sister bless her soul. I know how to behave around daughters but now I feel I need to do something for him. Special time!!but what and whale?hez now a man and a father. 

I almost feel complete, and to think I thought I needed a man to feel this feeling I’m feeling nearly in my heart. When all I really needed was a hug or pat to say!! Mmm I don’t even need that cos I know I have a special place somewhere one day.

God I love these guys so so much, end of!! 

Oh dear

Just as I come to terms and start enjoying single life boom. 

Bump in to a old friend and felt the equal attraction. Could this be down to my dream board I only made three weeks ago?

Both want the same thing in life, quite time in spain. Both been damaged by narstesses. Both hanged in the same place as teens. I believe because I have faith! 

This time two years agoΒ 

How did it go so wrong? My first love at school, we meet up again at 51 and flew off to Goa for a month. My dream came true but went wrong a year later. 

Had he not lied and put his ex girlfriend before me 

Remembering we use to be able to sit in silence a whole night pure bliss. Neither of us felt uncomfortable by it. A piecefull relationship eighty present of the time.

Now a year on and after seeing a man that was not what he pertraid, I keep seeing my first love popping up everywhere, is the universe trying to tell me something? Shall I contact him? I’m selling my home this year due to my health, I know he rents one out around six miles away. I’ve thought about asking him if I could possible rent it from him and also think of the time we flew to Bulgaria to buy a run down property. With the dream of a log cabin and eco retreat. I still dream of this. 

Or is it because I’m thinking about him? But why? 

From my beautiful friendΒ 

Happy hippy birthday to my bestest friend. To the woman who brings sunshine with her like anyone else would bring a backpack. To the woman who inspires me to battle through but also to recognise my limits. To one of the strongest she warriors I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. To the woman I don’t have to tidy up for. I love you witch. Xxxxxxxxxx