Walking With Trees

Absolutely adore this photo, this is how I feel when I’m walking with trees. Passionate energy.


It’s gone

Happy home with lots of fantastic memories. With my sisters and my children, their friends that have lived here, my wife, Jazz my Staffordshire bull terrier and so many more, my door was always open, gone because my health has let down with an invisible illness which started eleven years ago. On the plus side debts paid off and a new chapter awaites.

Mama’s double

Bubba’s 18th, we went to Camden Market for the day. Bubba, J her boyfriend and myself and what a laugh we had. Bubba was in her element, at 18 she’s beating my ED, studying A levels and opened a depot shop. Up cycled festival clothing.

My beautiful sisters baby girl. Bubba’s boyfriend took the picture of us then I came across the one of Fudgie and myself. How about that for likeness.

Ah I meditated

Been a while due to pneumonia, my bone are so sore so I run myself a lovely sea salt bathe, candle and soft music.

As I lay back my body was in joy and thanking me for taking the time for me.

I closed my eyes and just lay back oh the heat was absorbing. Rooting my self from my feet roots growing out through the math and into Mother Earth. One by one I cleared and cleansed my chakras it’s felt so good, asking my spirit guides friends and family to please step forward if the had a message for me.

To day I packed all my pictures away, wrapping my sister in bubble wrap I said, see you when I’m settled. She was the first to step forward, telling me it’s time to let her go. Our children are now all adults and beautiful humans. Our job is done. She will carry on guiding them all. But now for me it’s my time and I have to let her go. Oh did I cry the pain in my heart I felt so deep. But I too knew the time had come.

Red cloud then stepped forward, saying happyspirit healing will be my way forward once I’m settled in spring 2018 and my life will now move forward. I have to be brace and trust I’m being guided to a more enjoyable meaningful future.

T is still in touch with his ex, he want to spend his life with me but scared of commitment, I need to just stand back and let it take its course.

I then done healing in my right kidney, followed by my left lung, followed by my spine. I can do this.

As I relaxed and came back, tears rolling down my face knowing I had to let Frankie go. I opened my eyes looked at the ceiling and remembered the first night in number 42 laying in the bath thinking how did I get here that was in 2003 Frankie passed in 2000. The children where then 16, 13 x2 and 5. Fourteen years ago our happy family home after Frankie passing.

Now I’m going forward blind, excited, scared but I know I have too.