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Stillness just stillness

All I can hear is the birds and Bees

All I can feel is the beautiful sun on my bones

All I can smell is the fresh country air

Gratitude 🙏🏽 how luck am I


Weekly Drumming Meditation, Today’s Card

My intention:

For help to find the correct path to reach my goal of owning a Chill Out Retreat in a warm Country. Somewhere for myself and others to just chill out with nature maybe yoga, healing and meditation for those that’s are feeling loss not forgetting the disabled with pain management with fun, love and laughter.

I feel so lonely and isolated, why

Since settling in number 3 Blakes Cottage I feel so lonely, isolated and empty inside. Is it became of the crazy four months journey I’ve just completed?

One minute I’m in Spain with Tim renting through the winter, although not romantically together anymore as he kept going back to his Ex. Why did I go with him? Was I desperate……

Then I come home for a hospital appointment due to having pneumonia in November last year to find out my Mum was terminally ill and had only four months to live. So obviously I went to Mums and told Tim to do one (like hay get some self respect) I loved after Mum for ten days before going into the hospice where she passed three days later.

I packed Mums house up, before heading on holiday with my Granddaughter, then moved here the day I after I flew home.

I feel exhausted just writing the above, so I’ve answered my own question!!

Spiritual awakening

I do believe

I’ve been going to drumming meditation and wow what experiences I’ve had. Just fantastic, my first I found myself walking in to the forest then a white rabbit crossed my path very strange as the environment was more outback then in a healing tent with an old Indian lady and her elders all of a sudden I could feel them pulling this illness from my neck like a long snake that just kept coming and coming but I could feel the tugging on my neck.

The second week as I was walking through the tall forest a young deer came to greet me, feeling shocked as for all the years I’ve been meditating I’ve always had a buffalo great me to take me to my destination. Along the path I picked up a catapult which I felt was to shoot me along my path. But as I lay there my hands got so hot it was making me sweat, with massive tubes of energy coming from my hands up into the universe it was amazing.