First morning, breathtaking.Β 

First day, collecting Herbs basil, mint and rosemary. Flowed and fruit for our temple this evening. 


Muma on the run again!

Just landed in Greece for my yoga and Shamanism retreat, villa hostel.

Bumpy flight, but had my neck support on and meds. My transfer was a thirty year old BMW, love it. After being shown my shared room I made my way down to the beach. Just sat admiring the coast line, so peaceful. 

Loving the earthy way of life, nonmertiralistic. We all have our journeys and this is where life has led me. Still and calm.

Organic homegrown herbsΒ 

Last time I will be growing my herbs, salad and veggies in my lovely garden. Having lived here for fourteen years our happy home after my beautiful sister passing away in 2000.

Everything comes to an end, due to disability and debt it’s time to say good by. But all four kiddys have their own life’s now and they’ve all done so well, my heart pumps with pride.

So another eight weeks and new beginning start again. My last chapter πŸ™πŸ½

Sending you loving, to move on with my lifeΒ 

Sat thinking oh my, there are three people that have put an offer in on my shared ownership home. My thought was to sell due to debt and disability and long term rent in spain. For €500 I can rent a two bed in a safe environment plus hoping for a better quality of life due to warmer and dryer climate. But this morning I’ve woken up with all the pain again on my shoulders and right side of my neck. Only five days ago I had five steroids injections on the right side of my neck. Am I really kidding myself!!

Trapped, between debt and illness. Having to sell my family home to clear debt having know where enough to buy anything else. I’ve been told I have to live off my capital until my benefits can kick back in.

Not what I planned for my life, to add to it I keep finding myself getting involved with toxic men maybe because I’m a emypth, I’m so wanting to make others fre better and forget about myself, even more so my children are all independent. 

What a waist of energy.