About Little Old Me

Please excuse my spelling as I’m dyslexic which is why I’m so grateful for spellcheck.  I suffer with fibromyalgia, degenerate disc decease, Cervical Spondulosise, osteoarthritis of the spine & fusion of the cervical vertebra.  After thirteen years on & off medication I will find the reason, as everything happens for a reason.

I have three Beautiful Daughters, a Granddaughter that I’m so greatful, proud and truly indeabted too for they have kept me strong, focused & loved. I also have my loyal deaf Staffordshire Bull Terrior my shadow. My outer family has always been so dysfunction. Which taught me what I don’t want

Im grateful for the pure innocents in the energy of trees and music. I’m finding my way, and with everyone I meet on my journey helps me move a little further to find my true existence.

A lover of Reiki, Meditation, yoga, Trees and the Sea. Love this world and everyone in it.  The only way forward. XxX


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