Where, What, When And How!

So as I lay here on my mums bed totally fatigued and throbbing burning pain from my spine, “I think to myself what a wonderful world” haha that just popped out. But truly I’ve signed up to a private rent cottage, I’m 54 what can I do with my life whilst feeling this amount of pain. I’ve been down the pain killer root, zombie comes to mind!

I’ve over the last couple of years educated myself on nutrition, pain management of my own pain, qualified Reiki healer, meditator, yoga, I’ve been palled to shamisam over the last year, I know the weather makes a huge difference but let’s be honest, how am I ever going to financially manage to live abroad and live? There must be something, I can’t lift nor carry due to my neck. I refuse to let this be my life.


4 thoughts on “Where, What, When And How!”

  1. There is an extraordinary man who has remarkable results helping people with chronic pain conditions. I, myself, have benefitted when he helped me with severe migraine with aura, which no longer troubles me, thanks to him. One of my closest friends was helped with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions, her results were so inspiring, that’s what led me to go too. I know we are all different and cannot guarantee that anyone else would have the same experience, but he gives free initial consultations, so nothing is lost in meeting him and finding out what he does to see if you think he can help you. His name is Guy Blomfield, he is a chiropractor, but uses a technique called NIS (Neuro Integration System) for which many people travel a long way to get his help. He practices from Holbury, Hampshire and his number is 07595023345.

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    1. Thank you so much, I shall certainly give him a call. Do I need to mention your name? Also do you know of any shamans around local, in having a massive calling and have experience some fantastic healing but in another country. Thank you my friend x

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  2. You don’t need to mention my name, but you certainly can if you like. As I am a shamanic practitioner, perhaps you would like to contact me to discuss what you are looking for, I am on 077 88 97 5238? I will leave it with you, but it would be lovely to chat with you. x

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