Monday 6th January 2016 1.47am

Quite time!!!!!

Tuesday, have a house day music josh sticks, calm and clean my home. I’ve worked for so hard. Single mum worked from the age of fourteen, through both my babies. I was car valeting with 2nd born till I was 8 months gone. Where did that come from.

I’m going to discribe my chronic pain, if I can. Reason why, is because it’s the footing of my future.

So I get into bed, normally about 11.30 to midnight. Melt into the bed like ooooh, why did I not do this earlier, then from five minutes it works it self from bliss to Unberible so beginins the shifting and flying limps.

switching on my electric blanket, heat working up into my back. At the moment it feels like my should blades are sticking out about 15 inches but being held up by sold knots, my neck feels so brittle it’s going to snap, the hot burning pain pushing through and up over my head.

I’m hot, then cold mentally frustrated to the point of creaming the world into a volcano.


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