This time two years ago 

How did it go so wrong? My first love at school, we meet up again at 51 and flew off to Goa for a month. My dream came true but went wrong a year later. 

Had he not lied and put his ex girlfriend before me 

Remembering we use to be able to sit in silence a whole night pure bliss. Neither of us felt uncomfortable by it. A piecefull relationship eighty present of the time.

Now a year on and after seeing a man that was not what he pertraid, I keep seeing my first love popping up everywhere, is the universe trying to tell me something? Shall I contact him? I’m selling my home this year due to my health, I know he rents one out around six miles away. I’ve thought about asking him if I could possible rent it from him and also think of the time we flew to Bulgaria to buy a run down property. With the dream of a log cabin and eco retreat. I still dream of this. 

Or is it because I’m thinking about him? But why?