Quite time

Laying here in my own bed, luckier enough to have a electric blanket. The heat being drawn in to by back.

Listening to sat nam mantra, really acknowledging my pain in my stomach, my spine, head it could go on but still I’m no closer for the reason! The time it’s given me and the big cross road ahead.

My babies each and every one of them I’m so proud of them all they’ve watched me in and out of hospital, laying in bed, moaning about lack of energy. Sad to say but feel I’m already a burden to the next step needs to free them. The only way is for them to see me happy, I  feel peace in my life, so now what do I find myself searching for. I hate the thought of ever being a burden to them, which is the penatrating question on moving forward with my future. 

For us all to feel health, love grab it, spread it,  joy embase it, contentment,  confident in ourselves, loyal and again the list go’s on. 

I am ready to receive guidance and direction from the univers and my spirit family.  I thank you for my safe journey back 


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