Here we go again! 

So once again all ready for another operation number five in five years. Normally the operations are in my spine and bone spurs damage but this time it a blockage in my right kidney which has caused it to be very enlarged. 

Having the blockage cut out and a stent placed in for six weeks, six weeks later it will be removed.

I won’t lie it’s exhausting, as with every operation my chronic pain increases, normally very positive I feel too tired to care right now. Which is truly not like me. But I thank the universe for our NHS. 

I have beautiful children with big sparks in their bellies and hearts. This alone should keep me positive. But I also have the big decision of where and how I’m going to live once I sell my home. Due to benefits and my health it’s all to much. 

Had I had a partner I’d love to buy in Bulgaria or buy a camper van and just hit the road. Not having enough equity to buy another property in the U.K. So all having to go on dead rent until I don’t have a penny left. 

I ask the universe for a sign in making the right decision, I am ready, or I will be… I am ready  


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