Which way! 

So it’s the 6th December 2016. I fly to Bulgaria on the 20th for a white Christmas with my first born, my Granddaughter and cheeky Monkey. But all of a sudden I’m finding my self anxious about the holiday. The pain in my right kidney has really started to kick in, first born has been drawn back into her exs web…. feeling frustrated as cheeky monkeys Off to Australia in March 2017. But that girl needs to fly, a real worker since the age of 14, I’m scared as we are all the same after a little drink. Worrying about my Granddaughter being the protector instead of a child.

He’s left her in London, shouting I hope you get raped!! Spat in her face, finished and controlled her emotions in Ibiza, she welcomed him in to her home, put a bed for his Daughter in my Granddaughters bedroom. Takes steroids. But yet she go’s back!!!

Bubba comes of her motorbike, it’s kept a secrete! But thankful she’s ok. Cheeky monkey go’s without and works a 40 week to travel and spread her wings & rightly so.

I have op after op and feel so worn out I could cry. I pray for health and happiness for my girls & conkie   As that would give me happiness and peace.


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