Oh god I wish you where here!

A big decision… I know I have to sell, as Ive been pushed into a corner, not being able to work which obviously means my mortgage payments are not met. 

What do I do? Shared ownership, my rents covered. But now I need to look at quality of life and the frustration is so amence it adds to my pain. Not having enough equity in my home to buy anything else. So my hard earnt money to provide a family home for my children. Instead my equity will go on dead rent until it runs out.

I’ve looked into buying a mobile home in southern Spain mainly due to the dry warmed weather. But do I have the guts to do it alone!!!

At the end of the day I will still be lucky enough to still have a roof over my head, it’s just the decision that needs to be made!


Writing this Stoned!

Arrived back from Ibiza at about 6.11 pm, bang I could feel the pressure ( must do spelling check tomorrow lol) pain burning  through from my spine, building tension like what I expect, a nuclear bomb exploding would feel. 

But Fock it, I done it, I built a memory. Like I did with Cheeky monkey, between college & university. 

My memories built with my children, while I’m still mobile, have not been arranged on age but timing.

Bubbas turn next, when the timings right! I will know.