First Born

First born, wow we’ve traveled. This little girl changed my life when she was born. At 23 I gave birth and I’ve never looked back.

Four and a half years together, six months in Australia, then we hit the road of one parent family. She changed my life from an angry young woman with issues to I hope, a mother on a mission. 

Funny, cleaver and beautiful (as all my girls). She use to eat the window frames and stair banisters. Somethings about wood she’d have to leave her teeth marks. Her thing was a silky and to this day still is. If we went out for the day and I’d forgotten it, I’d have to buy something with a silky label.

When Bubba was born she was 13, she’d come home from school shuck her school bag in to door and run over to my sister who lived opposite.  They where so close, well at the end of the day who wants to be like their Muma! She knew Bubba’s baby routine like no one else. Just as well as when my sister passed Bubbas was only 6 months old , first born took over and got so protective of Bubba. I believe it helped her. 

Being the eldest of the four, my biggest mistake was saying “yes” she so lost her way as a teenager. But now also a mother of Boo she too like I had found her making “being a mother” 

A strong, bubbly beautiful young spiritual lady. That make me a pound Muma ❤️ 


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