Cheeky Monkey

Cheeky monkey, from birth. The first time I held her, her two middle fingers went straight in her mouth. The first time I had ever held a finger sucker.

as a baby the most content baby so happy sleeping. At the time we had an Japanese Akita. Massive dog like a bear. Jagger use to sit beside cheeky monkey, as she stored to awake Jagger would nip my clothing to pull me to cheeky monkey.

After loosing my Sister, she was no longer my youngest, as my sisters children where younger. Cheeky monkey bless her took it all in her stride sucking those two fingers taking it all in, but never as a child did I hear a peep from her.

Looking back it breaks my heart, she’d get into bed with me nearly every night, all eays checking in her way if everyone was okay. She’d follow conkie like a shadow

to the extent the teachers at school had to separate them, so they’re both mix with other children.

Checky monkey went off to uni where she grew from a child to a funny, loving beautiful young lady.

Too this day no man that enters my life will get her approval. Proud Muma ❤️