So out of three Daughters, we have had our last Prom. Well until the Grandchildren. Bubba looked beautiful a vibrant smile just like her Mumma a Angel (My Sister) it’s been a long hard road with these babies. And not of our own choice! Life does that sometimes, my I know we’re nearly there four fantastic kiddies between us. X

Bubba has natural intelligence in so many things, she loves art, languages, horses and motorbikes. Her aim is to travel the world.

As a toddler we use to have our afternoon naps on the sofa, curled up together. My older girls use to love doing Bubbas hair, every style you could think off.

Beautiful human that’s done so well and overcome her demands to become a beautiful strong spiritual young lady.

i know Muma Angel would be proud as am I ❤️



I now decree that I am ready to receive abundance 
I deserve all good in my life and that includes prosperity 
I am a money magnet, and prosperity of all kinds is drawn to me 
Life is easy, I have an abundance of whatever I need.