The positives of Rejection  

Having spent a week at Bagend off grid yoga and meditation retreat I’m feel so proud of my self. Totally enlightened, alive, recharged strong physically and mentally. Meeting likeminded people from around the world, no judgement or ego this just made my heart so full of joy and love. My tent mate was from the Netherlands a beautiful soul so confident having spent the last six years traveling and volunteering around the world. She said her heart is not in her home land. A young lady that inspired me with her love and courage. Her knowledge she shared with me about eating disorders as she had a degree in nutrition and telling me about a famous cyclist from the Netherlands who to once had an eating disorder but managed to disintegrate the ED worm in her brain. Leontien van moorsel, she opened the leontienhuis for people with eating disorders.

Another beautiful soul was a young German man, wow what can I say ( how I wish I was not dyslexic and had a way with words) he was on his fifth week on the road, hitch hiking his way on his journey of yoga, spreading peace and love everywhere. He would look you in the eye with an open loving pure soul I’ve never come across someone so pure with peace. His mission in life was to stop the control of people in the material world to trade with an open heart of giving to receive, he was a volunteering at Bagend, in exchange for yoga, workshops and food.
He told me how he wished to travel to India next year to train a a yoga teacher in exchange for volunteering, then one day to buy a place with his partner to teach yoga free in order to pass on the peacefulness on to others.

The rest of the group where also on their own personal journeys. The owner wow just wow a full of life character. Meeting me from the train station he just run up saying hi, arms and legs flying everywhere ending in a loving friendly hug. Immediately you felt a part of a family, a small group of eight plus our yoga teacher, two volunteers and the owner, as I pull up to the retreat it was covered in lemon and orange trees, a big sign propped up in the outside kitchen saying “my home, is your home” .
Being alone since my sisters passing 16 years ago, apart from the beautiful children in my life, I have become to learn its not as lonely as it started out to be, meeting different people and at last comfortable in my own skin, traveling sitting in a restaurant or bar alone has helped me grown as a person.
Having pushed my body to the the limit, a very painful experience physically but so worth it. The mind is so powerful. Feeling I’m know longer on the useless list. I’ve achieved something I thought I could never do, six months ago I couldn’t even raise my arm, my spine so rigged with chronic pain due to degenerative Disc Disease and fibro
Having been rejected by my first love pushed me too my limit and for that I send him love and thanks


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