Would it be wrong to build family memories on a credit card?

Whilst pricing a family long weekend glamping, I thought I’d price a log cabin up in Bulgaria for Christmas and yes it was cheaper. In fact the same price Christmas 2015 cost me. I want to build memories with my fantastic grown up family “show some balls” we’ve always lived on the breadline but now I think “sod it” am I wrong to be so careless? Or setting the wrong impression?

I’ve said no presents ” let’s try and make them there” as they will need to pay for their flights. We don’t ski but there will be snow, might not be lap land but snow, family and laughter not forgetting memories.


Positive January 

Hello beautiful people, so so far I’ve cut out that horrid sugar, drinking more fused lemon water, meditated everyday, and feeling positive for it. 

I’m staying more in the here and now, I mean I have so many worries about selling my home due to disability, debt, daily pain. But seriously why worry about it!!! I’ve cut back my spending, eating to heal my body, there’s not a lot more I can do. I trust the universe. 

Every day I ask spirit for:




Stillness of the mind

Trust me it works, I even found my self asking for help the other day, I asked a gentleman if he could load my car boot with my shopping, saving me a little more spine pain. For me trust me that was a huge thing and do you know what! It sounded and felt good. A massive hurdle for me. Happy days 💛