So feeling loss & confused 

I went to see my old friend Jenny today, we met many years ago in a spiritual church, just after my little sister passed away. Clicked right away, she was sat in the audience noting mediams conversations and giving them to the people connected. Not been for a reading for about three years, but felt the urge. Although met for coffees with other friends. She’s an amazing woman been tested all her life, but you won’t find any one better  to connect to the spirit world. I found my faith being questioned, but no longer.

The main things worring me at the mo, is my shared ownership housing now I’m unable to work & once again my relationship. But more than that, the fact of only one person that really knows me my wifey, it would be so touching to have my sister (who’s passed) my brothers or my mother to discuss such worrying desissions with. Sometimes the loneliness and rejection can be to much.

At least I have the spirit world “who have never let me down” they have kept me sane, cos there’s no judgment only love.

Soz back tomorrow, feeling poo, bad pain day. My new saying so I don’t sound like I’m moaning laugh out load. Lol.

Within minutes of arriving Jenny asked if I’d sneaked in to ICU to see a friend that has now passed. Which I did and her anniversary just passed. Straight away I got a bollocking about neglecting my health and making light heart of it all the time, to keep my eyes on my boy friend, she doesn’t want the piss taken out of me again!!! Loved her so, alway said it how it was. I must run her children’s Christmas presents round.

Then the name Jolly Rog was said, a father figure. He wants a few to know he’s still around and heard the conversation before is passing even though he couldn’t reply. Telling me to read the small print and not to worry, this time next year will be in a better place. Also told that spirit want me to see what my boy friends up too, a little worring as I thought all was okay, other than he’s been working extra night shifts!!! manipulation, need to put my foot down and speak up when I’m feeling hurt. Putting up with bad treatment because of pain, sweeping things under the carpet.

All in all I felt better being informed by my loved ones in spirit, I will be okay.

Not wanting much, just feeling loss as I need to sell my house due to bad health and everyone appreciates “Home is where the heart is”


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