My First Borns 28th ❤️

Yep my first born turned 28 today, got me thinking of all we’ve experienced in those 28 years. Oh my……back later big kiss xxxxxx

Before having first born I had no self confidence at all well it was not allowed growing up.

All of a sudden I had this little bundle of love that I actually gave birth to, yes me. Twenty three years of age, so amazed. I turned in to a lioness and my life took a turn for the better. To be honest Ive never looked back.

Big green eyes looking at me, dimples, Curley hair all though she looked like a punk when her baby hair wore off on the sides of her head. But jeez I did that, yep me. Her father and I split permanently by the time she reached three, after spending six months in Australia, let’s just say it was not to be. But my god I thank him for pregnating me with this bundle of love.


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