Smart Arse 

Finding your own pleasure, I have found the pleasure of relaxing whilst healing from my last Op Rota Cuff and bone shaved. 

I can now just sit and relax and why shouldn’t I? Why waist time? I’m in a six week healing so letting go and relaxing is a positive of my healing. 

I’m okay, and let go of what I can not control and does not benefit me. So am I a smart Arse or maybe selfish? I don’t think so, it benefits me so it benefits the people I love around me. 

Letting go & exceptance there’s little we can do about our kids being lazy, to much traffic on the road, raining just except your life the way it is then you may start living your life, what’s outside is out side. 

Judge & critasisam is a waist, don’t judge or critasis yourself of others. We’re all unique, I mean I’m 5.1″ dyslexic, spiritual a healer, have disability but hay it is what it is. I’ve benefited from what I am. I love me, I love my children,  I love trees, I love people, I love everything livin, l love this world. I love being alive. 



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