Change, when life crashes 

One day, some day our world can really changed, like illness, death, accidents. All of a sudden your perspective can change “why was I worried about all those little things” they where never important in the first place

Just hearing or seeing in the media of a world problem can change your perspective on our life’s. If life means so little then surely you should just live your life “NOW” 

When you think your reaching rock bottom, when your life crashes which lets be honest at some stage everyone feels it.  You lose meaning, the pain of being alive. When you don’t give a shit about what people think.  A dull space!! You don’t give a shit that people keep going on about picking yourself up. 

Every one experience some sort of crashes.  You will wake up, feel the beauty just trust. Live for today in the now. 

Sod it, just sod it. Some times you need to have a crash to wake up and to see life for what it is. 

Release from your holds in life, as long as know living thing is going to get harmed or hurt LET IT GO. Walk on. 


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