Rota cuff repair & bone shave 

So on day two after my third major operation in four years due to osteoarthritis of the spine which has now spred to shoulder.

Whilst in hospital was surprised and shocked that they gave me kittermin. Obviously I asked why they would mix it with the general anersetic, to be told it was because I have fibro too and the pain signals over react to other pain killers so to make sure I felt no pain they gave me kittermin too. Have to say it was nice the Drs took Fibro seriously.

I go a little hiper after a general anersetic and always try to have a laugh, well you have to make the best of a situation. The poor nurses are so stretch & some patients are so snooty and rude. But I had a giggle which I like to think makes their day a little more fun. 

Then pains set in now, so having a little chill. But it’s amazing how you adapt now only having use of my left arm, quite a challenge but hay at least I have a spare arm 😘

Day Two 


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