Day five, road trip in France

So with know planning, we ended up in Eaux………. Lovely camp site deep in the country. After a good cycle out on our bicycles too explore the quiet little village, we came across the only restaurant.

After entering and embracing the atmosphere, the owner appeared to my surprise he looked like my spirit guide Jo Jo, he originated from Vietnam shipped over to France by his parents in the sixties, I’m assuming due to the war. Now married to a French lady with two grown up children. At the end of the evening we were invited to a lock in…..and why not. He gave us his own alcohol which he had infused with lemon peel, definitely hit the spot. Looking around I noticed the number of elephants and Buddhas so many simulates, very interring like I’ve been here before, that’s for sure.

Our evening came to an end, riding back like three mad woman and a dog, not lights or streets lights, just complete darkness and a very steep hill.

Natural bark heart


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