Another Passing of A Loved One

My hero, passed away. Shouldn’t of been a shock as he was diagnosed with lung cancer back in March.

Still feels untrue that a man with such a spark for life, he grabbed life by the belly. A real gentleman that remembered his routes even after becoming truly successful. 

The last time I saw him, I could see the fire had left his eyes & the pain wearing him down. This great man that many looked up to. He worked hard & played hard, but also had his fair share of pain, from a long going family manipulation and arguments. But he kept his dignity & actually coped the same way I do. “Cut off” not needing the negativity in our life’s.

He may of been my Uncle but more of a father, as he knew the truth behind my childhood & the crazy family that we once belonged. 

My heart aces & feeling loss for he was the head of the family.  But no more pain will he fill as he’s gone to heaven to be greeted by his wife! my Sister & his parents!. The world has truly loss a walking angel ❤️ my Hero’s favourite sayings. ❤️

“Uncross your legs”

“Drink it whilst its fizzy”

“Follow your heart”

“It’s five o’clock, somewhere”

This rainbow appeared at the funeral. Says it all. 


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