Death, where do we go? 

Death, what is death? Passing of a soul, into the big, warm, bright, welcoming light. Maybe we meet once again with our loss ones. 

Or maybe nothing just nothing, end of. No feelings, emotions, memory or love.

Deep very deep, the questions could go on forever. But I believe our should carry on, all the truths and love Carrys on. 💛💛💛


Another Passing of A Loved One

My hero, passed away. Shouldn’t of been a shock as he was diagnosed with lung cancer back in March.

Still feels untrue that a man with such a spark for life, he grabbed life by the belly. A real gentleman that remembered his routes even after becoming truly successful. 

The last time I saw him, I could see the fire had left his eyes & the pain wearing him down. This great man that many looked up to. He worked hard & played hard, but also had his fair share of pain, from a long going family manipulation and arguments. But he kept his dignity & actually coped the same way I do. “Cut off” not needing the negativity in our life’s.

He may of been my Uncle but more of a father, as he knew the truth behind my childhood & the crazy family that we once belonged. 

My heart aces & feeling loss for he was the head of the family.  But no more pain will he fill as he’s gone to heaven to be greeted by his wife! my Sister & his parents!. The world has truly loss a walking angel ❤️ my Hero’s favourite sayings. ❤️

“Uncross your legs”

“Drink it whilst its fizzy”

“Follow your heart”

“It’s five o’clock, somewhere”

This rainbow appeared at the funeral. Says it all.