Eating Disorder, Depression!


Here we go again, the pain of watching someone starve themselves due to peer pressure, social media, bulling and lack of self asteam. My heart breaks, food is medicine like petrol is fuel to a car.  It all happened so quickly one minute slightly loosing weight the next boom organs eating what was left. I confronted the issue & the light in her eye says thank god she’s noticed. “I want help, but I don’t like me”

Depression, I’m sure we all suffer at some stage in our life’s with depression, not surprising with our hectic fast life’s. But to feel depressed 24/7 wow, to feel numb, like your unimportant to others, no energy “what’s the point” 

The mental health service in the UK are seriously under financed, the frustration when you have a child that wants to get better but not enough resources in the mental health service.  They told me that their having a massive growth in aderlesant mental health issues, mainly due to social media. Why not bring meditation in to schools colleges even the workplace? 

A sad situation that needs financial help from our government!!!


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