Goa, with my First Love

At the funeral of my dear friend that recently passed away. I met with old school friends, including my first love.

My dear friend bought us back together, for which I will always be greatful.  After a few catch ups on the thirty five years that had passed, I took the chance and went to Goa with him. 

Staying in his apartment for a whole month, away from the rain and cold of the UK my pain soon became more manageable.  Heat on my bones, bliss! 

Twenty four hours together, seven days a week for one month and boy how we got on. Very simler out looks. I littoley had the time of my life. Who says romance is dead? Sometimes you just have to take the chance. 




It hurts!!!

You try not to take notice, but there’s aways a little gremlin saying “look “look” so you do and think”Why” 

My Mothers hated has made me the person I am today. For that I thank her & send her love.