Putting my baby to rest

The time has come to put my loyal Staffordshire Bull Terrier to sleep. Everyday new tumours raise their ugly head. It brakes my heart but her suffering is starting to show.

The children hugger her good buy, I asked they held their tears back in order, that Jazz didn’t pick up on their sadness.

My wifey came along, as driving in the car to the vets I found myself talking a thousand words a minute about shear rubbish, at the same time feeling sick to my stomach.

As we approached the vets, every second counted. Once inside and waiting I found myself rolling on the floor trying to reassure her, she’s never liked the vets. We led her in to the consultant room, where the vet administrated a catheter, I sat on the floor holding my baby whilst the drug was administrated. I watched the life disappear from her, the tears rolled freely. Never have I ever felt so sick, cruel, it just felt so wrong signing my name to end a life. After leaving the room I was sick. Never again do I want to feel that cruel again.

My poor girl gone on to another level to spread her love