Passing of a Dear Friend

it was Saturday 29th November when I got the call that my dear friend had passed away from organ failure. Two weeks in ICU, my god I’m so glad I managed to get in to kiss my dear friend on the forehead.  I also placed a crystal sun catcher with a guardian angel & hung it above her bed, knowing that once she awakened she would know I’d been in to see her plus for protection & healing my dear friend. I honestly believed she,d pull through.  We where best friends at school, but lost contact in our late teens. We found each other again through facebook ” A positive to social network”. Early 2014.

Lessons I’ve for someone in so much pain but too never complain, wow…. She swore a lot, but what you saw is what you got. That didn’t make her any less better than anyone else. A heart if gold….. But little did we both know she and I had been lonely and fighting our own battles. We could if helped each other more than we did in the last year we shared.

She made some wrong chooses in life, but she got on with the side effects with dignity. My beautiful Friend I will hold in my heart until we meet again 💛