Another 2am awakening

Twice since Saturday not bad ha!!! The pain of my spine & shoulder wake me once again. Mind you doesn’t take a lot, all I need do is turn. But no chance of returning to sleep again, anytime soon “Brain kicks in”

What do I have to worry about? Two Daughters having health & personal problems 27 & 15 year olds another 22 year old “Thank god” is okay, then there’s the added worry of Being made redundant, income, rent, mortgage, frustration of not being able to do things I’ve been doing all my life without paying for it or paying someone. An unhealthy relationship. My beautiful deaf Staffordshire bull cancer tumour growing way too quick.

Plus the added pressure of my studies I’ve taken on to try to bring in some sort of income, on a positive note of Holistic Pain Management. Which will also benefit myself. Oh and I forgot the cold weather has kicked in & kicked these old bones.

My friend said today you must of been a “right cow in my past life” but I believe what doesn’t brake you yep makes you!!

Do you know what keeps me going? My best Friend Lisa, Mediation, Reiki and after my meltdown, I pick myself up and firmly believe as usual my last chapter will be my BEST. Thank you all for listening. Feel better already. Love and Light Namaste πŸ’›


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