Foot steps, one foot in front of the other is all you can do

You know everyone’s entitled to an opinion. Yet if you don’t voice it enough, when you do everyone’s out raged. Ready for a new chapter in my life, infected a big chapter. Being made redundant is actually a blessing, as my body is letting me down the daily constant pain is wearing me out. So now where do I go? Right or left either way big decisions to be made.



How to get through the cold?

Osteoarthritis of the spine, neck and shoulders sucks in cold weather. Even my feet feel like their going to snap. Mentally frustrated dose not come close. What with being made redundant by my loving Brother and trying to get Happyspirit Healing off the ground. I find myself questioning my capability.

In my heart I know I will also benefit from Holistic Pain Management as the only other alternative is to become reliant on medication which starts a spiral of other illnesses.

Need to find my inner strength right now!! Sleep then Meditate on healing and warmth.

Walking Meditation with Mother Nature


Sunday afternoon with my Mother, Mother Nature. Just what was needed after disappointing an old Friend who offered me free accomadation in Goa, to ease my pain from the cold. As I’ve not seen or heard from them in over ten years, even then it was brief. I asked the question of why? For a moment forgot about the beauty of karma. Caused me plenty to think about Me!!