Mother Nature, I know you’re fling with the angels up there Zena my dear Friend


Walking With Trees - The Only Journey Is With In...

As I breath positivity deep into my body giving the feeling of purity, the heavy debris of day to day life leaving. The satisfaction of total relaxation and stillness of my mind, random thoughts leaving like clouds. I stand up to leave the log cabin everything vibrant and alive. I breath deep as the red fog flows deep into my lungs and around my body, followed by orange, yellow and green feeling light and refreshed the calming of my soul. I carry on breathing in the fog now the colour off blue lilac and purple my crown fully opened with a bright white light of protection

Opening the heave wooden gate to the bricked country garden, I walk through the smell in the air of fragrance flowers the buzzing of bees, feeling so light and and free. Once through the other side, I notice I have a swim suit on…

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