As I breathe positivity deep into my body giving the feeling of purity, the heavy debris of day-to-day life leaving. The satisfaction of total relaxation and stillness of my mind, random thoughts leaving like clouds. I stand up to leave the log cabin everything vibrant and alive. I breathe deep as the red fog flows deep into my lungs and around my body, followed by orange, yellow and green feeling light and refreshed the calming of my soul. I carry on breathing in the fog now the colour off blue lilac and purple my crown fully opened with a bright white light of protection

Opening the heave wooden gate to the bricked country garden, I walk through the smell in the air of fragrance flowers the buzzing of bees, feeling so light and free. Once through the other side, I notice I have a swim suit on “strange” but I carry on and see a great big strong and wise oak tree, I find my self rubbing my back upon the tree.

I carry with the flow finding myself crawling through a hole into the earth ” a thought of panic comes across me” but I soon hear the words “don’t be scared..Trust” suddenly there’s a big opening. Wow I was in a cave with a water fall flowing down into a pool, the water was all the colours of the chakras, bright and flowing. The peace and quietness were graceful, to say the least. I look down into the pool to see bright coloured fish and coral in clear clean water, once again the colours of the chakras. I hear a voice saying ” swim with the fish amongst the coral” I slowly climb in, to find I could breath under the water swimming like a mermaid and coming face to face with the bright coloured fish, all the colours glowing so brightly. Once again totally cleansing my self, the feeling of beauty and love overwhelmed me.

I slowly climb out but leave my feet hanging over the edge bathing in the water, I see Joe Joe (my spirit guide) followed by the Native Indian, they sit either side of me. I ask the Indian again if his name is Red Cloud? he replies ” I gave you proof, the word wizard which you saw today and acknowledged the word” yes my name is Red Cloud.

Joe Joe asked me to open myself to Reiki whilst holding a family members hand that would truly benefit from a lot of healing at the moment. I asked Joe Joe if there would be any interest from R “all will be in hand by the end of April” turtle will be your proof, but you know your energies will bring you together.

Then complete quietness… meditation finished suddenly, maybe that was all I needed after the negativity I had collect during my working day. I stood and grounded myself totally imbalanced and recharged, I stood in the garden looking at the clear night of beauty so many stars shinning so brightly I’m so lucky.


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