Snow days

Still with me!!!


Thank you Jonathan

All trees are beautiful, not just to look at but beautiful in their own existence. They give us air to breathe, they live in harmony alongside other trees, they take no more than they need..All trees are beautiful, but no two trees are exactly the same. each is an individual tree, but each tree is the equal of all other trees.

Well someone wants to hear some more, yes like you I’m human (but rather be a tree) WELL tonight another night off well, what I call weak man-ship, or should I say snobbery, don’t get me wrong I like nice things for me and mine, but who’s to say one person is better than another, not in my eyes. Because whether you have money or education we are all equal, like the trees standing side by side.

Spirit of the tree

Let your mind take you on my journey
Walking through the spirit of trees
Feel their calm and frequent stillness
No need to threat nor run away

Close your eyes your see their kindness
They give to us, the air we breath
Feel the breeze brushing slowly
For that is the spirit of the tree
Feel your soul totally recharging
The gift they lovingly bring

Please stay for just a moment
You need to feel the freedom we share
Hear them whispering softly around you
For they have the wisdom that we need
Without, we have no future
The ending could be very near
Take your journey and share their feelings
Our journey of spirit of the tree.

Picture by Jonathan

Have you ever thought while walking amongst them, how old they may be, what the have witnessed within their growth. The changes of the atmosphere, changes of man…… or woman. They have the knowledge and power we can only dream of, for they do not need manipulation for insecurities they have collected along the way. Their energy is pure no need for control, for they are free to be what they want to be, what their meant to be.